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Small Tree (Infrared): Japan House, Urbana, IL, USA
Small Tree (Infrared)
Tags: infrared

This is an infrared photograph of a small tree that I found while exploring the Japan House at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. Since the photograph was taken using infrared light, the colors are all false and the sky is dark.

While the tree may seem large because of the angle the photograph was taken at, it is actually quite short, standing only a foot or so off the ground. The camera itself was only inches above the grass.

Infrared light it outside the visible light spectrum, and thus invisible to humans. However, digital camera sensors are sensitive to infrared light (varies by camera model and if the camera has been modified or not). A filter that blocks visible light, but allows infrared light to pass through, can be used to take photographs in the infrared spectrum. Infrared photographs are often referred to as "false color image" since the infrared light that reaches the sensor is ultimately viewed as visible light when the resulting photograph is viewed by a human (i.e. the color was previously infrared, but has now been mapped into something visible by humans).